Always a pleasure 

Many menus contain traditional dishes such as “Herrgottsbscheiserle“ or God’s Cheats (the term of endearment for ravioli, originally created by monks to get round the ban on meat at fast times) or “Nonnenfürzle“ (Nuns’ farts - airy doughnuts baked in hot fat). They taste “heavenly” and are always a pleasure. Enjoy!

Delicious variety

At CAMPING IM SÜDEN “Delight” means the culinary variety and the best regional cuisine: Enjoy a refreshing drink on the camp site terrace with a view of the sunny vineyards, with some hearty cheese and ham from the farm shop. And the day after, a trip to a cosy inn, a rustic wine bar or a traditional brewery. And if you’re looking for something special, there’s no end of outstanding restaurants with star-rated menu.