Camp sites in Baden-Württemberg set great store by quality

CCamping in Baden-Württemberg provides the best possible conditions for a holiday full of experiences and close to nature with a camper van, caravan, tent or in one of the many rental properties you can choose from on the state’s camp sites. Baden-Württemberg´s “Open Air Hotels“ will delight visitors with their beautiful countryside and untouched nature, as well as their certified high-quality.

With around 60% of companies in the Bundesverband der Campingwirtschaft in Deutschland / Landesverband Baden-Württemberg e.V., which are classified in terms of quality by the German national guidelines of the BVCD (National Association of the German Camping Association and the DTV (German Tourist Association), Baden-Württemberg is in pole position nationally and has the most classified camp sites. Classified companies can be identified by their rating symbol (1-5 stars).

As part of this, the companies undergo extensive voluntary checks. The evaluation results in the classification areas reception and service, sanitary facilities and pitches are re-checked every three years. This means the companies sustainably ensure the infrastructure, service provision and service quality in campsites in Baden-Württemberg.

Further information

You will find the quick list of the classified camp sites in Baden-Württemberg here: PDF for download