You’ll find treasures in the castles, churches and picturesque towns, and you’ll also find peace and tranquility on a long walk on the plain and in the forests. 

With its delicious high-quality local produce from its farming cooperatives such as the “Boeuf de Hohenlohe“, treasured since the 18th century, Hohenlohe offers the best possible conditions for region specially for connoisseurs.

Cooking and hunting are the lifeblood of the region, which is best explored by bicycle or canoe. Characteristic castles, churches and towns lie along the river valleys, which are all well worth a visit.

The primitive nature of the Hohenlohe plains stands in contrast to the vineyards of Kochertal. The pristine views, varied countryside and the fresh air mean any visitor can breathe deeply and find some peace.

Touristikgemeinschaft Hohenlohe e.V.

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