Stuttgart area

Pure variety all around the state capital: Culture, sport, art, culinary arts, leisure activities - you’ll certainly find something in and around Stuttgart.

Embedded in the hills, vineyards, forests and meadows, the region offers a colour active programme of things to do. Cycling or downhill biking in the heart of the city, walking on one of the four Stuttgart wine walking tours or paddling along the Essling Neckar canals.

Pure culture: The State Gallery, the new Art Museum on the Schlossplatz or the Porsche and Mercedes Benz museum are also world-famous examples, as well as the Stuttgart Ballet.

Stuttgart has the second highest mineral water spring in Europe: Body, soul and spirit find perfect harmony in the mineral spas LEUZE, Bad Berg and Bad Cannstatt. The Merkel’sche Spa in Esslingen and the Quadrium Wernau are also a delight for any wellness lovers.

The magnificent Residenzschloss castle in Ludwigsburg is also well worth a visit, as is the medieval old town in Esslingen.

When it comes to cuisine, you’ll find your heart’s delight in the Stuttgart region: ranging from rustic taverns, serving Swabian wine and local specialities to top Michelin star gourmet restaurants. 

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